REVELATIONS RETURN


In the returning of old friend from the St. Hermelin High School Student, Nate, Yuki, Brad, Chris, Mary and Ellen, they regroup once again to meet each other for their last times.

Ellen/Marry: Welcome back...

>> Hello everyone, it is good to see you guys back again.

Yuki: It's three of them, Mark and Alana is here too!

Mark/Alana: Hi guys!

Mark: Hey, Brad! What's with your head, man? That buzz cut is yesterday's news.

Brad: Oh, yeah? And that bacon grease on your hair isn't?

Mark: It's not bacon grease, and at least I don't look like my dad ran over my head with a lawn mower.

Brad: You don't have a dad.

Mark: That's better than wishing I didn't, like you..

Chris: You don't have a clue what I wish.

Brad: News flash, I don't care what you wish.

Mark: That's the trouble with you, man. You don't care about anything.

(Mark and Brad laugh together.)

Alana: Hello?

Mary: Hi, Alana. It's me, Mary

Alana: Oh, hi. How are you?

Mary: Oh, okay. And how about you?

Alana: Okay. What's new?

Mary: Oh, you know, Not much.

Alana: Yeah. Not much new on this end, either. I got a ton of assignment to do.

Mary: Me, too. Ms. Hiiragi really piles it on.

Alana: That's for sure. But I almost wish we were still in class. At least we could be looking at that new guy, Tad. He's the best!

Mary: Maybe not. He's why I'm calling. Tammy told me in gym that he's actually got a criminal record!

Alana: No! You're kidding! I can't believe it!

Mary: That must be a messed, I doubt that Tammy was trying to fooled him since she was fooled by him.

(Alana and Mary giggles)

Chris: We've been through alot, how about you?

>> Well, it is a long story actually...

Brad: You can tell us your adventure next time.

>> Yeah, and how are you doing Brad?

Brad: I am one of the celebrity in the Sumaru TV right now. You can watch me in the media anytime.

>> That's great.

Yuki: We've been missed you alot from the whole years ago.

>> I had been told by Philemon in my dreams to come here and meet you all once again.

Nate: And so do we, my old friend. It was a great promise that we made before to meet up again.

>> Nate, we finally meet again.

Nate: We wish to see you too. We all really changed alot nowadays.

Ellen: And so do I, I missed you too..

>> Ellen, is that you?

Ellen: What's the matter? Can't recognized my look?

>> You do change alot, even Mary.

Mary: I look abit changes, but you do look handsome too.

>> ...(Shy)

Mary: By the way, Ellen have something to tells you. Right Ellen?

Ellen: Well, I...(Shy)

Mary: Ellen just want to say that she want to go out with you.

Ellen: Mary! I,

>> Huh?

Mary: Is it true, Ellen? You planned this earlier do you?

Ellen: Why... yes.

>> Oh.

Mary: So you can go with Ellen now, and don't worry about us. We can meet together again in the next days.

>> Sure.

Ellen: Can we go now? (Ellen hold my hand) 

>> Yes, let's go.

Nate/Mark/Yuki/Brad/Chris/Mary/Alana: Good bye!



           THE END



NOTE: This dialogue doesn't related to Kazuaki Yanagisawa.

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