To test your abilities for your true power of persona.

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Answer the question and your result will be reply after approve:

1) What is your horoscope? (your answer)

2) Stay rather travel through overseas? (Y/N)

3) Do you have a pet? (Y/N)

4) Do you have alot of friends? (Y/N)

5) Do you socialize alot? (Y/N)

6) Are you work or study right now? (work/study)

7) Did you fought someone else before? (Y/N)

8) Do you actually believe that ghost really exist? (Y/N)

9) Do you like your room to be clean? (Y/N)

10) Do you trust alot on opposite gender person? (Y/N)

11) Do you feel lonely? (Y/N)

12) Do you like to wake up early? (Y/N)

13) Do you like to help someone? (Y/N)

14) Do you have a best friend? (Y/N) 

15) Are you a big eater? (Y/N)

16) Do you like fast food? (Y/N)

17) Look at price rather than quality? (Y/N)

18) Prefer quiet places over busy ones? (Y/N)

19) Have a dream to be something? (Y/N)

20) Do you collect old stuff? (Y/N)

21) Do you like to play chess? (Y/N)

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    Benevolent spirit who resides "between consciousness and unconsciousness".                    He physically resembles a tall man wearing a white mask. In the waking world, his presence is indicated by a golden butterfly.

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